September 7, 2008

The tedium of the quotidian

Salil Tripathi writes in The Mint about having...
...the space to explore the self within, savour happiness, process agony, and give shape to ideas that simply cannot emerge out of the tedium of the quotidian.
He did this at his friend's farm in Vermont. Wonder where I will find such a space. We all need such a space and lucky are those who can emerge out of the "tedium of the quotidian."

P.S. Salil writes about Walden Pond, where Thoreau found his peace. I was there last month. Thankfully I was not assaulted by souvenir stalls and other myriad touristy traps but the "beach" and the trails around the pond were bustling with people. It was as if all of Bostonian suburbia had poured into that area to seek refuge all at once and reduced it to the anti-thesis of everything it was meant to be. Thoreau must be spinning in his grave!

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