September 28, 2008

Suck us into a black hole

So how much is this big # Paulie (has he-who-shall-not-be-named said "Good Job, Paulie" yet?) pulled out of God-knows-where!

SFGate article had this to say:
Relax, people, it's just a number.

It's just a bunch of zeroes. It's merely 700,000,000,000, and if you look closely and blur your eyes just right and then hit yourself in the face with a brick, you'll soon see that each and every one of those cute little circles is filled with goodness and candy and the sweet sighs of puppies and pie. Really, what could such a ginormous number possibly mean to everyday hard-workin' plebes like you and me?

He actually has some serious points to make after that ...but I'll read it later.

Another guy, whose post has a few examples of what it equals, wrote:

Big numbers are hard for people to process. 700 billion can start to sound like 300 billion, or 900 million for that matter. It becomes like sand grains or moon strands, magically big, past the point of counting; an amount you sit with a nephew and contemplate in wonder. Or, if you're rushing through the paper, "a whole lot."

Yeah... its "a whole lot" and who has time to read all these long articles. (There are articles and views galore from all kinds of 'experts' on how we got into this mess, how to get out of the mess, and why the "bail-out" is bad for the common man... but who has the time to read all these articles!)

Well...a picture, they say, is worth a thousand words:

So, this should give you an idea:

$1.2 trillion for the Iraq war...$700B for salvaging banks.... nice way to spend my (and your) tax-money, people!

Depressing! Back to some frivolousness (how else does one deal with this madness and the absurdities but with humor, satire and frivolousness?

As Jon Stewart reminds us, $700 billion is equal to "around 2,000 McDonald’s apple pies per American."

And this from Vanity Fair* ...How Much is $700 Billion Really Worth? (Yeah, baby... 100 Large Hadron Colliders is what we need. This article is where I got the title of the post. We all know what happens if you get sucked into a black hole! Americans are being stretched thin, our vision is distorted, there is no escape -- we'll all end up eventually shredded apart... but for now, enjoy the ride!)

This which reminded me of an exercise we did for 5th graders in a school outreach program I was involved in at work last year. One of the volunteers did a presentation on how much is $1 million. 1 question was how tall would it be, in $1 bills, if piled one on top of the other. ....(and the guy related it to the Prudential, 2nd tallest building in Boston.)

* No.. I do NOT read Vanity Fair. I landed there while reading the Paul Newman article, mentioned here.

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