September 23, 2008

Polar bears on toonies

Earlier this week, I had put up a quicklink at Linkastic about Franke James's artistic visual route to narrate the story of a local accident.

Yesterday, she has posted another creative visual essay with some questions for her (Canadian) Prime Minister.

So, why are you (politicians of Canada & the powers that be everywhere) making us choose between the economy and the environment?

and how much does it cost to clean up pollution?

Picture ©
Franke James

For the record:
Earlier post on polar bears here + news today that the polar bears are now resorting to cannibalism and this is apparently due to the Arctic ice shrinking! (Have not read the report or the details of the study; so, I am not commenting about the validity of the correlatio -- not the word "apparently" that I inserted -- I am mere reporting the observation that is in the news today.)

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