September 29, 2008

A Love Supreme

I turned to WGBH this evening and found that WGBH's Jazz with Eric in the Evening program has a special today with music by John Coltrane (the later years, 1960-1967). It seems, he had a program last Monday (playlist at link) with many of the famous pre-1960 tracks, including Equinox, Blue Train, Stairway to the Stars, My Favorite Things, So What (with Miles Davis), Giant Steps, Epistrophy (from the recently found album of performances at the Carnegie with Thelonius Monk in 1957), Naima, and lots more. (The mind boggles at how much he recorded and achieved in his short life...40 years!)

Here's some Coltrane videos to enjoy.

If you, like me, missed the first program on Sep 22nd, you can currently listen to it online here.
Today's program will also eventually be put online. Thanks, WGBH. I think you've just earned a donation check from me for this year. Let me get a job and I'm sending in the check (not that I cannot afford to spend right now but just does not feel right to be sending out contribution checks, albeit to a good venture, concurrent with watching my expenses, not to mention savings dwindling in the stock market lately!

1. John Coltrane: Full NPR Music Archive
2. Coltrane via

Update: Just realized I had already put up a post about Coltrane earlier this month (title-ing it very similarly too -- Music Supreme, instead of A Love Supreme, which is, of course, the title of a very famous Coltrane album & track. Now that I saw the post, I did remember posting about it but while I wrote up the above, I remembered I had posted Miles Davis earlier this month but did not recall a post about Coltrane too! Phew...I blog too much AND my memory is going to hell! In any case, luckily I did not repeat any videos here as I had embedded only 1 video of Coltrane (his popular 'My Favorite Things' track) in that post.

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