September 29, 2008

Song For My Father

Just heard two versions of A Song for My Father by Horace Silver on the WGBH's Jazz with Eric in the Evening program for September 15th, which was a special for Horace Silver, who turned 80 earlier this month (and is reportedly in a nursing home and suffering from Alzheimers. :( )

First a recording from a 1964 album of the same name, which is on NPR's Basic Jazz Record Library...

* Horace Silver — piano, Carmell Jones — trumpet, Joe Henderson — tenor saxophone, Teddy Smith — bass, and Roger Humphries — drums

Picture by Dmitri Savitski, 1989. [Made available on Wikipedia under creative commons license]

..followed by a more recent recording by him from a 1993 album It's Got To Be Funky.

I'll put three videos of Horace Player playing the above song in 1976..

the next from Newport, 1950.

and the last one is a performance by the Horace Silver Quintet from 1968.

Personal Note: I am not a religious person but my mother told me that today is Sarvapitri Amavasya, which is followed by Hindus in memory of those who are no more among us. So, this post is for my father.

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