September 27, 2008

RIP, Paul Newman

Blue eyes passed away at age 83 yesterday.

Women everywhere swooned
* when they saw him but to me 3 words come to mind when I think of him (in addition to handsome, of course) are Dignity, Grace, and Charm. It is not without reason that the late film critic Pauline Kael wrote: "His likableness is infectious; nobody should ever be asked not to like Paul Newman."

Thoughts are with his wife of 50 years (such a rarity in Hollywood!), Jeanne Woodward today. Has to be a tough time for her.

The only movie of his that I recall seeing though is Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid (3 famous clips from the movie below.)

Need to watch some of the other hits like: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Liz Taylor, the Hustler, and of course THE movie which I always think of first when I hear his name - Cool Hand Luke; and of course many of his other hit movies like Color of Money, Sting, Hud, too!

Too many good movies yet to watch, too many good books yet to read...too little time; or rather lots of time that I waste doing useless things like creating new blogs and such!

Also, I just realized that just this month Vanity Fair had a great article about Newman, along with some great photos.
- loved the ones with his wife, esp. the one where he's dancing with his wife.

Whether Paul Newman was playing the villain or the hero, Americans were smitten with his rugged good looks, his wry wit, and those blue, blue eyes.


Movie star Paul Newman has quietly turned over the entire value of his ownership in Newman’s Own—the company that makes salad dressings and cookies—to charity. Completed over a two-year period in 2005 and 2006, the amount of his donations to Newman’s Own Foundation Inc. comes to an astounding $120 million. This is unprecedented for any movie star or anyone from what we call Hollywood. Of course, Newman and actress wife Joanne Woodward have never been Hollywood types.
—Fox News, June 11, 2008.
Did I say generous before? Charming, graceful, dignified, cool, handsome, AND generous. The world, like his friend Robert Redford said today, is a better place because he passed by. RIP, Paul. If heaven exists, you're in good company.

* There are probably many great pictures of Paul Newman but I loved the picture of him with Louis Armstrong at this link. Also, some great pictures at the IMDB site and some links to film clips through the Guardian.

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