March 31, 2009

WTF link of the day - 3/31/09

I had almost forgotten that I had started this series earlier in the month! Here's a worthy addition today!
Pimp pays hooker girlfriend in chicken nuggets

An Australian man pimped out his girlfriend to have sex with other men and then paid her in chicken nuggets.
And a second bonus, to make up for not updating this WTF series for so long (see note below):
Police in Ohio arrested a Columbus-area man for drunken driving after he crashed this motorized bar stool, which reportedly can travel up to 38 mph.
Ohio man charged with drunken driving on bar stool

The 28 year old, Kyle Wiglie of Columbus, OH is actually quite an innovative man. He's motorized his bar stool to go up to 38mph! But he made the mistake of actually driving to the bar and back on the bar stool..and has now been arrested "for drunken driving after he crashed this motorized bar stool."

Picture © Newark, Ohio, Police Department/AP

Related news on CNN last year: Driving a tricycle - a 50 mpg engine-powered tricycle

Actually, there's a lot more. You can follow @weirdnews on twitter or read the Quirkies at or other offbeat news sections in various MSM outlets to read other oddball news from around the world. Since there are already such interesting compilations, I wonder if I should stop compiling these oddball links; considering that this is not my focus at this blog anyways and its likely I'll go for days and weeks again without updating this series! I'll still post interesting oddball news from time to time but no more "WTF" links for the day.

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