March 26, 2009

Change We Can Live With

Let people keep whining about how Obama's govt is unconstitutional & capricious.. (I'd rather live under this kind of a 'socialistic' unconstitutional govt. than the kind the Bush-Cheney administration blatantly indulged in.) 

So, I'll keep posting examples of the welcome change in the government's positions on various issues that affect life in the US. (And in today's global "flattened" world, most of these issues affect every one in the world. 

What a difference this example is of change-for-the-better, especially when compared to the the 'Drill, baby, Drill' stance of the previous administration! That stance about drilling in Alaska was driven by the greed of oil-$, of course...though if it were up to Ms. Palin, she probably would have said so because disturbing the environment probably makes moose and caribou run helter-skelter -- the easier for her to shoot them dead from her helicopter!! (I say that facetiously, of course. :))  
Congress approves landmark conservation bill   
The Democratic-led U.S. Congress gave final approval on Wednesday to sweeping land and water conservation legislation that environmental groups praised as one of the most significant in U.S. history. The measure, a package of more than 160 bills, would set aside about 2 million acres -- parks, rivers, streams, desert, forest and trails -- in nine states as new wilderness and render them off limits to oil and gas drilling and other development. The House of Representatives approved the measure on a vote of 285-140 a week after it cleared the Senate, capping years of wrangling and procedural roadblocks. It now goes to President Barack Obama to sign into law, which he is expected to do swiftly.

P.S. I do not have the link handy but I remember reading some years back about some advocate for drilling saying that caribou nuzzle against the warmth of the Alaska oil pipeline, showing they quite like the change in their environment i.e. animals adjust and adapt to the new environment. Au contraire, read this excellent article from some years back in the SF Gate about caribou migration & the politics of oil drilling.

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