March 2, 2009

Jai Jindal

Everyone, including conservatives like David Brooks and even Fox News channel, seems to have had a real bad opinion about LA Governor Bobby Jindal's disaster of a speech, in response to President Obama's speech to the joint session of Congress last week. Heck...Chris Mathews was appealing to the Gods-that-be even before Jindal began!

Even Frank Rich takes a dig at Jindal in his piece lauding Obama's speech today.. (bold emphasis mine):
Barack Obama must savor the moment while he can. It may never get better than this. As he stood before Congress on Tuesday night, the new president was armed with new job approval percentages in the 60s. After his speech, the numbers hit the stratosphere: CBS News found that support for his economic plans spiked from 63 percent to 80. Had more viewers hung on for the Republican response from Bobby Jindal, the unintentionally farcical governor of Louisiana, Obama might have aced a near-perfect score.

But, like everything else in the news these days, rather than talking heads and op-ed pieces, it is the late night shows that capture the essence of Jindal's attempt at a speech best.

First up, Real Time with Bill Maher (fast foward to 4:50, if you want to get to the bit about Jindal)

Here's Jon Stewart on the Daily Show...

..and last but not least, a parody of Jindal on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

The Jack McBrayer response to the internet response to the republican response to the President's address to congress...

FYI... it seems there is an internet meme going around that Jindal sounded exactly like Kenneth, the page from the comedy series, "30 Rock." Jack McBrayer is the actor who plays Kenneth.

Actually, I agree Jindal was horrible -- and this based on watching just the first 30 seconds of Jindal's speech! That sing-along smirky-look-on-face intoning and talking like he's talking to kids made it sound like a parody at best and condescending to Obama (and his heritage) at worst! And let me not even get into the content itself, which has been analyzed elsewhere.

WTF were the Republicans thinking? Like Bill Maher said: "That's the best they have?"

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