March 18, 2009

Blood Money

A friend shared this well-written and moving article from the WaPo last week as an example of how well-researched and well-written articles in Western world newspapers can be comparison to what Indian newspapers churn out!

"We protect against a common risk, and increase the chances of a rare risk"
Just ran across another well written article... this one is from LA Times.
Nobody wants blood money. Nations spend billions of dollars to wage war, but a $100 bill smudged with a man's blood makes the superstitious queasy. The note is my companion, a reminder, like a curled picture that resurfaces from the back of a forgotten drawer, of the cost of conflict and the price of moving on.
This one is about a simple mattter like a blood stained $100 bill. But read how nicely the story has been developed and written about! Moving!

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