March 2, 2009

The puttering disavowed dauphin

It's Obama-Nation now but Maureen Dowd cannot miss an opportunity to bash the Bushes. And so be it and more power to her, given how much I still love her acerbic wit. Who else can think of Obama in "a Sisyphean struggle" even as the "disavowed dauphin" putters around and has a big dinner party against the background of the "shrieks of pain, anger, shock and fear around the country." Lovely!

Here's an excerpt from Dowd's op-ed piece this week:

“Hey, 43, it’s 44. How’s retirement? You’re biking around the new neighborhood? Buying a nightlight for the bathroom? Can’t be too careful. I hear you’re working your way through a book Dick Cheney gave you on your Kindle. So Vice is still assigning your reading? Sounds like a full plate. No wonder there was no time to watch my address to Congress.
“It must be a relief to tune out — altogether. Still, you might have noticed we’re sort of busy in Washington. That’s why I’m calling, actually. I’m ending your stupid war.”

Mission Relinquished.
The contrasting images were pretty astounding: W. and Laura back in Texas, puttering around the new hood, borrowing chairs from the Secret Service next door to have a big dinner party, oblivious to the shrieks of pain, anger, shock and fear around the country, while Barack Obama engaged in a Sisyphean struggle to push the huge boulder of grief left behind by Bush up the hill. What can the disavowed dauphin possibly be thinking as Professor Obama strides up to the blackboard to erase everything W. stood for, while giving us crisp lectures about how we must get more educated, more equitable, more realistic, more responsible and more reasonable?

One wonders if these lectures will just go into one ear and leave the other...or will the nation pay heed to his words and help him and his administration help us get more ____? Politics is a dirty partisan game... and yet, one hopes better sense will prevail.

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