March 4, 2009

Let a thousand windows bloom!

Microsoft should buy this building!
A new office block being built in China is believed to have the most windows of any building of its size in the world.
Sako Keiichiro's distinctive new office block in Jinhua, China /Quirky China News
The nine-storey building, designed by Japanese architect Sako Keiichiro, has close to a 1,000 windows. None of the rooms in the building are completely square or rectangular, corridors wind around and between rooms, and each floor features a mini garden. "It's like a maze inside," said one construction worker, who added that it was the most difficult and time-consuming project he had ever worked on.
P.S. I wondered what labels to give this post. Oddball, I thought. Then, I figured this kind of architecture is in fact art! :)

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