March 5, 2009

Cover Art

I saw this on Facebook too and thought it was a fun cool thing to indulge in for a few minutes.

A new viral meme is currently infecting Facebook – the Make Your Own Album Cover game. The game has four simple steps:
  • Get a band name! Simply use the title of a randomly-generated Wikipedia article. 
  • Get an album title! Use the last four or five words from the last quote on a page of random quotations.
  • Get some album art! Use the image thrown up using this Flickr tool, which generates random images without copyright restrictions.
  • Make it look nice! Using Photoshop, Paint, or whatever graphics software you have, fiddle your band logo and album title into some kind of visually-pleasing assemblage.
The Guardian has some examples here and here.

For the record, this was what I arrived at the first time I tried it when I saw it on Facebook:
1. Chiefs of McGhie
2. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. (from Anna Karenina by Tolstoy)
3. Hmm! They seem happy, not unhappy! ;)
I just realized that the first time I tried it in Facebook, it asked to pick the last picture on the page with Flickr's last 7 days page, with no consideration for copyright issues. The Guardian article (first link above) links to the random tool to come up with an image without copyright restrictions. Hence, I tried it again just now using that tool and here are the results:
1. N. Padmalochanan
2. I've always been insufferable. (Fran Howitzer)
3. Hmmm...would make for nice cover art!
And much as I hate taking on the name of someone else even in jest, let alone that of a commie politician from Kerala, that's the luck of the draw in this random game... and so, here it is:

P. S. I have no idea who N. Padmalochanan is as today is the first time I am hearing of him... but the commies in India are insufferable indeed. Always have been! But that's for another thread some other day but for now I leave you with this blog post by Amit Varma about "a series of historic blunders"

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