March 5, 2009

Obama Nation - 5

I am filing this under Obama Nation, even if this is not in celebration of Obama ( but more a mark of protest against the US) nor is it an entry about life in the US in the Obama era, since I thought this was worth sharing.

Note: Picture is from the Brazilian carnival and has what can be deemed as nudity. So, NSFW and not being excerpted here. Do not blame me if you get into trouble!

Party time ... Brazilian carnival queen Viviane Castro parades with an image depicting President Barack Obama painted on her left leg during carnival celebrations in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Castro's stomach reads in Portuguese "for sale", a message she said represented the sale of Brazil's Amazon to the US.

BUT I can include this picture, from the same gallery. :)
An entertainer performs as US President Barack Obama on top of a float and greets almost a million of people in the parade of the Cordao do Bola Preta

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