March 6, 2009

A safety net!

And so here we are -- we have here a guy who has given one of the best speeches in a generation.(and he comes after a guy who couldn't even use proper grammar, let alone give great speeches).... but some nitwit is worried about Obama using teleprompters too much!??!! Really? That's the problem we have on our hands -- that our President uses the teleprompter too much?

Lead item in Yahoo I come in to check email this AM.

Too much TelePrompter? President Obama uses the device for nearly every speech he makes, big or small.

Incidentally, much hoohaah over this news too! His appointment causes some people grief over his inexperience; now, another withdrawal (though not a cabinet nomination) gets the same people excited too!

Gupta withdraws name for surgeon general job
Obama administration says doctor wants to spend time on career, family

Dr. Sanjay Gupta has withdrawn his name from consideration for the job of surgeon general, senior administration officials told NBC News on Thursday. .......Gupta, 39, was seen as President Barack Obama's first pick for the job. He would have brought star power to the office of surgeon general, which has lacked visibility since the days of C. Everett Koop in the Reagan administration.

Incidentally, yesterday Obama picked another person of Indian origin for an important role in his administration:

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