March 19, 2009

A charmed life

A heartrending and yet inspirational story! (I could hardly bear to read it at times for fear of tearing up!) I would not do justice even if I tried to summarize what this article is about. Go read it in its entirety.
Anyone who is in love is living a charmed life, especially if you’ve been in love for many years, through good times and bad.
Quotable quote these lines that end this article.
We are two, but we are one. And I love those numbers.
More power to Layng Martine and his wife as they take on life - with all its uncertainties, challenges, and unforeseen indignities.

P.S. Another well written and moving article that I saw yesterday in the LA Times. This one is about a simpler matter - a blood stained $100 bill. But how nicely the story has been developed and written about!
A Note of Suffering

Nobody wants blood money. Nations spend billions of dollars to wage war, but a $100 bill smudged with a man's blood makes the superstitious queasy.

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