January 12, 2008

Words and Rice

An interesting site called Free Rice, where you can enhance your vocabulary while raising money to donate rice to people in poor countries. - found via The Shifting Career blog at NYT, which enlightens us further about the concept:
The rice is paid for by advertising revenue on the site; as you play the game, different ads appear. Best of all, once you enter the site and run through some introductory words, the site starts feeding you words that match your vocabulary level. Procrastination tool meets fund-raiser — what could be better?
The site is a sister-site of Poverty.com, which was "was created for all people around the world who want to end poverty. It was started in January 2007 by a private individual (John Breen) and has no political, religious, or corporate affiliation."

Related: I used to compile articles related to Fighting World Poverty here.

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