January 18, 2008

One (Christian) nation under God


As "700 Club" co-anchor Terry Meeuwsen explained on today's installment of the popular Christian show, "Each year, just before the first part of the year, Pat (Robertson) goes off alone with the Lord and then comes back to share with us what the Lord has shown him about the coming year.

This year, God told him (above link has a video...no.. not of God telling Pat this but of Pat telling his faithful followers what God told him*):

"What I'm praying about is China. I'm asking for 250 million in China. We haven't had that breakthrough yet but I think we're going to get it. God's going to give us China. And China will be the largest Christian nation on the face of the earth. They're going to come to Jesus."

Thanks, Pat. Good to know. :)

* If God talks to this guy (Bush), then I suppose he could be talking to Pat too! Or maybe its just the voices in his head! Kooky!

Actually, even with Bush, there is reason to believe he isn't talking to the God he thinks he is talking to.. but to Lord Shiva! :) Scott Hartin writes in Harpers this month:

Cartoonists in the United States have regularly given Bush’s God the bodily manifestation and voice of a Yale dropout and retired corporate executive named Dick Cheney. But this lacks imagination. No one doubts the involvement of Dick Cheney in this orgy of blood and destruction, but he himself is merely a mortal vessel serving the god of war and destruction. I’m zeroing in on the Godhead in question, and I’m increasingly convinced that he’s a denizen of the South Asian subcontinent, and in particular the Lord Shiva.

Go read the article for why he picks "The Destroyer" from the triumvirate of Hindu Gods - Brahmā, Viṣhṇu, and Śhiva.

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