January 11, 2008

An affirming cry of human expression

This is why I love to read (and I also love movies for the same reason) books much more than following politics or sports (even cricket!):
..to go more deeply into the experience of the other -- no matter how "foreign" -- is to go more deeply into our own experience as well. Leo Tolstoy wrote: "Art is transferring feeling from one heart to another." .......
This is from the Introduction
by Andre Dubus III to the book "Words without borders - The world through the eyes of writers". The post title also is from the same paragraph...as a trait that, Dubus writes, each story in the collection has.

The collection is a truly wonderful one and expect more excerpts from the various short pieces in thebook in the days to come. (Some time this year, I also need to find wordswithoutborders's other book on
Literature from the "Axis of Evil", in which the editor, Alane Mason writes in the introduction, "Not knowing what the rest of the world is thinking and writing is both dangerous and boring."

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