January 24, 2008

Another hiatus

I took a break of a month or so in early 2007. Travel plans in February and other priorities in life mean it is time for yet another hiatus from blogging.

I blogged with a vengeance all month...have a record 85 posts in the first 3 weeks of January (coming close on the heels of a record 73 posts in December 2007) ...and so, it is perhaps time for a slow-down or breather anyways. Go find my 'voice' or my place in the world or something :)

All this blogging and hardly anyone even reads the blog anyways! I quite enjoy it as it allows me to collect things of interest I read about on the internet or in books in one place but at some point practicality has to set in and I have to answer the obvious question: What is the point of all the time and effort that goes into this?

Anyways... I'll be back to blogging for sure - likely in late February or by early March for sure. Until then... be good.. have fun and enjoy your time.

So I think after taking a hiatus for some years and coming back, I'm finding my voice and my place again in the world of music around me. - Boz Scaggs

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Rohit Tripathi said...

found your blog on best Indian blog's list.... and I have read some of your blogs, I want to congratulate you first that you are having an amazing writing ability which makes your blogs very much readable and interesting. One thing which I have noticed again and again in your blogs is that you describe anything with great enthusiasm. keep the good work coming

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