January 19, 2008

Ali Farka Toure, Redux

After enjoying his son's guitar playing over and over again for more than an hour, I am tempted to go visit Ali Farka Toure's music again. In one of my first posts tagged music here, I had linked to some of his videos at youtube in July 2006 -- I never embedded videos then but they are there towards the end of the post. Go seek them... 7 videos of pure joy!

Here then are a few more gems from the master!

In my previous post, I thought I went to heaven listening to his son play "Ai du". Here is the master himself playing that beautiful piece.

You can also hear him on the recorded version of "Ai Du" with Ry Cooder, in the Grammy-winning album Talking Timbaktu. Also, another song, "Diaraby" also from the same album.

Two great videos with 9+ minutes of great music each, thanks to the comment someone left here. Anonymous...but thanks a lot, my friend.

And finally,
live from the Festival of the Desert in 2003.


Anonymous said...

Great artist! Maybe you'd embed the vids on megavideo incl. Ai Du, Diaraby etc. They are much better and longer.


Sanjeev said...

Thanks for the tip. Just by habit, I look at youtube alone.

This video at Megavideo is good! I'll embed this one for now and will look at megavideo next time I look for videos to embed.


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