January 12, 2008

India has no problem giving First Lady status to Bruni
India is not only willing to host supermodel-turned-singer Carla Bruni, who is expected to accompany French President Nicolas Sarkozy later this month, but is also willing to treat her as a First Lady in terms of protocol.

But this has this stupid lady get her bloomers all in a knot!

a lady named Chitra Danger on the subject of Nicolas Sarkozy visiting India with his girlfriend, Carla Bruni:

The very idea of a head of state visiting India in an official capacity with his girlfriend is in very poor taste and shows extreme insensitivity to our older, more traditional culture.

Whos is Ms Danger (Danger's my last name!), you wonder?

Like Amit Varma writes:

Danger, it seems, is “director of the Center for International Protocol and Etiquette in Hyderabad,” which is enough to elicit a WTF reaction on its own.

Time for her to move to leave Hyderabad and go try living in Saudi Arabia for a while, I say.

Nicolas Sarkozy 'told not to take Carla Bruni to Saudi'

Nicolas Sarkozy is set to leave his girlfriend Carla Bruni at home when he visits Saudi Arabia this weekend after a specific request from the Islamic kingdom.

President Bling-Bling (see previous post) is welcome but not his sexy girl-friend. Oh for freaking FSM's sake... what kind of nonsense is this. Its not even hypocrisy or prudishness...its sheer stupidity!

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