January 4, 2008

Devastation Max

A selection of spectacular satellite images, featured in Earth from Space, published by the Guardian and A&C Black, clearly shows man's devastating impact on our planet, from the disappearing Aral Sea to deforestation in Brazil*, urban growth in Dallas and light pollution across the globe.

Almost one-fifth of Brazil's Amazon region - an area the size of France - has been deforested to date, mostly in the last 40 years.

Also this: Acidic seas may kill 98% of world's reefs by 2050: The majority of the world's coral reefs are in danger of being killed off by rising levels of greenhouse gases, scientists warn.

and More than half of Amazon will be lost by 2030, report warns


Update: Interactive: The world's great forests Find out about the world's remaining great forests and the threats to their survival.

To feel slightly better.... go enjoy these pictures from Antarctica from a new book which "showcases the last relatively unspoilt wilderness on our planet."

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