January 21, 2008

Lets dance to the djembe!

Percussion... another thing I've always loved right from when I was a little kid. (I do not know to play any instrument -- just loved the beat of percussion instruments, is all)

First up, a dance to a djembe beat from Bamako, Mali.

Here's some djembe drumming and dancing at a marriage ceremony in Bamako, Mali

and more djembe and dancing from Senegal this time (Mamadou Sidibe on the djembe)

And here is 4-year old Isaiah Chevrier playing the djembe -- I had seen some of his videos on youtube before. The future is in good hands, literally!

Abdoulaye is Isaiah's 2-year old brother

Some day, these kids will be like this Grand Master Djembe Player - 70-year old Sega Cisse.

Related: A travel log about drumming in Bamako, Mali

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