April 7, 2009

When life imitates e-life

You know you spend too much time online when the real world reminds you of the e-world. :)

The Blue Whale was constructed in 1972 by former Tulsa Zoo curator Hugh Davis as an anniversary gift to his wife Zelta.  This amazing whale is 80 feet long, constructed from 2,650 feet of sucker rods cost around $3,000 and required 2,920 man hours to build.
 and of course our now famous whale on Twitter. (see my previous post.)
(Credit: Twitter)

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At the school dances white and black girls shook on the floor, by Anais Duplan

Today, a poem  by  Anaïs Duplan,  from the Bennington Review. [AT THE SCHOOL DANCES WHITE AND BLACK GIRLS SHOOK ON THE FLOOR.]  ...