April 14, 2009

The Cost of War

I have seen many sites keeping track of the Cost of the "war on terror" i.e. the Iraq and Afghanistan wars of this century ... but just ran into an interesting report on the (opportunity) cost of the war in the Middle East

Here's a video, via youtube, replete with ominous music that may have your heart rate going faster and faster as you go through the video!

The opportunity cost of conflicts in the Middle East since 1991 is 12 trillion dollars, says a new research report on the Cost of Conflict in the Middle East by Strategic Foresight Group, a leading Asian think-tank.

For the first time in 60 years, the report presents a comprehensive assessment of costs of various conflicts in the Middle East on 97 different parameters- from the social to psychological and economic to environmental. Supported by the Governments of Switzerland and Norway, the AK Party of Turkey and Qatar Foundation, the Strategic Foresight Group involved over 50 leading experts and leaders from the region to gather input for the report.

COCME report: Contents Page

Excerpts from the Report

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