April 6, 2009

Our web empowered lives

A few different things I found that fit the subject-title and thought may be interesting to combine into a blog post.

1. I don't watch TV and have a 27" TV... (no blackberry/iphone/ipod either!). I may be the hippest in this e-world (blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.) but I'm going to feel like a dodo in the real-world soon!

MLB's Incredible Web Video Plans: HD With Mosaic Picture-in-Picture, Live Streaming to iPhone

2. Google is truly Numero Uno at search - Wikia and its well-esteemed neighbors in the search engine graveyard

The above article mentions some interesting new web-search engine sites. Whether they can compete successfully against Google is another matter.

Fresh Evidence that Search Is Still Competitive? Not So Fast
After drawing scrutiny from the Justice Department, Google has been on a campaign to prop up the argument that search is competitive because other providers, like Yahoo, are only a click away.
3. Google helps rock the vote in India
Google has launched the Google India Elections Center to help engage India’s 700 million eligible voters in the country’s 15th general election, set to take place over the course of the next month. Google launched similar web based election centers in the U.S. and Australia in the past, but Google India’s election center has some new features which make it worth a look.
Available in English and Hindi, Google’s Indian election center lets Indian citizens confirm their voter registration status (which is a new feature that wasn’t fully implemented in the U.S. or Australian versions), find their polling location, view their constituency on a map and access election news. Voters can also get in-depth data about the area where they vote, including changes in literacy, poverty, and employment rates in the constituency since the last election. Voters can learn about the background of their Member of Parliament and this year’s candidates, and are able to see politician’s voting records, and attendance. The site will also feature updates on election schedules, online polls, discussion forums, opinions and photos.
Google has partnered with the Hindustan Times, and a number of NGOs, including, the Association for Democratic Reforms, Indicus Analytics, the Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, the Liberty Institute, and PRS Legislative Services. Yahoo developed a similar site for Indian citizens last week, but Yahoo’s site doesn’t seem to be as comprehensive as Google India’s election site.

4) This one is kinda a follow-up to #1 above. I wonder why iPhone's are in the news this week - #1 and #10 in NYT most emailed list couple days back were iPhone related articles!

Until earlier this week, because I don't care for phones (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) and do not use the web off the phone*, I had never even heard of the TMobile G1 phone or even Android, which apparently was one of the top technology breakthroughs of 2008!

* However, my wife and I should probably have trademarked the phrase "Google-on-the-go", which we made up 4+ years ago, referring to my habit of going to Google-search to find answers to ANYTHING that popped up in life - with me often rueing (when a computer/the web was not at hand) that I didn't have the web at the palm of my hands. Little did we know that this technology was just around the corner and ironically, though the rest of the world would get on it, we would choose to be left behind!

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