April 21, 2009

Not all about the economy

For those of you who, like me, have been worried about the economy.. worry not! Its not all about the economy.

Our cult-like loving of all things O may actually come handy when it comes to the mid-term elections.

Or so opines Nate Silver, Nate Silver, the guy who gained fame with his presidential election predictions at Fivethirtyeight.com. In an article in the Esquire about predictors to look for in the midterm congressional elections, he writes:
“Congressional elections are not all about the economy.Rather, they’re all about the president. The correlation between the president’s Gallup approval rating immediately prior to the midterms and his party’s performance has been very strong. In fact, once the president’s approval rating is accounted for, knowing about the economy doesn’t tell anything more about how to predict the outcome of the midterms. 
picture 1 Stats Genius Nate Silvers Newest Predictions for Obama 
Obama better continue to keep that approval rating right up there in the mid 60s! :) Btw, it seems  President Barack Obama averages a 63% approval rating for his first quarter in office -- the highest since President Jimmy Carter.

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