April 24, 2009

The Obama Effect

Seems Obama has an effect on everything, including travel  to Europe this summer!
Here's some advice to Americans who still have a nice vacation budget:
Like who?  Hedge fund managers and others who made millions and do not care about the current economic woes? Anyways, lets continue to the topic at hand.
Take advantage of the "Obama Effect" and visit Europe, particularly Prague (the best bargain city). But those who detest tourist traps still might want to give Paris a good leaving-alone.


The Obama Effect? According to the survey, the recent election of Barack Obama has left Europe awash with rampant congeniality toward Americans. In fact, 44 percent of survey respondents suggested that Obama's election has helped gentle the condition of even the snootiest of Continental waiters and alchemized them into more amiable and thoughtful hosts.
If you really have some vacation money, go read up the articles for the survey details and suggestions for cities with bargains, tourist traps, helpful locals, and clean cities!

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