April 23, 2009

The cosmos is all it is, or ever was, or ever will be."

friend emailed me about this news snippet today about a story from... once upon a time!
Its the tale of a primordial blob 12.9 billion light years away! Stunning stuff, no?

So, how many of you have seen much of Sagan's Cosmos? I do not think I saw the show much in India; though I vaguely remember they showed it on Sunday's in the late 80s. From all I have read and heard, it is quite the show and a must-see. (Though an apples-to-orange comparison, it ranks right up there with David Attenborough's show Living Planet, which they also showed in India in the 80s, in terms of wonderful TV shows to watch in teenage years...and then again every few years till you die! I believe, modern cinematography has far surpassed the Living Planet experience recently with the Planet Earth series in 2006. The same friend recommends you watch the UK version, narrated by David Attenborough, if possible instead of the US cable television edition narrated by actress Sigourney Weaver).

Btw, it seems you can watch Carl Sagan’s Cosmos on hulu.com now.
The groundbreaking, and for many of us, life changing documentary “Cosmos” is now available on Hulu. The 13 episode series premiered in 1980 and it is estimated that it has been viewed by over a billion people. If you have never seen it or just want a refresher, head over to Hulu today

For those of you who cannot view videos on hulu, it also seems to be on Google Video also.  Start here - The Cosmos Part 1 The Shores of the cosmic ocean - and then go find the other 12 episodes via a search or under Related Videos.

Also this..

In 1996,  Sagan recorded a partial audio version of his 1994 book "Pale Blue Dot". Often described as the "sequel" to Cosmos,...

Or you can read the book via google-books or if you want to buy a 7-DVD set and have $100 to spare, buy it on amazon! ;)

For now...go just hear the intro to Cosmos. Awesome introduction to this awesome universe!

The words:

"The cosmos is all it is, or ever was, or ever will be."

seem so appropriate for today as we read the above news from "once upon a time". :)

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