April 29, 2009

Patrick Blower at the Guardian has a livedraw animation celebrating Obama's 100 days.

Issues galore, the weight of expectations, naysayers prematurely dismissing his administration as a failure (< 7% of his 4-year tenure done to date; < 3.5% if one hopes, like I do, that he will get 8 years).

President Obama to spend 100th day in spotlight
The White House wants you to know that Wednesday is just like any other day. 
But for those who insist on highlighting President Barack Obama's 100th day in office, the White House will play along.The president will mark Wednesday's milestone with two high-profile events, both designed to highlight the accomplishments of his fledgling administration.
And so it goes.

(Picture of Obama with Washington looming in the background is © AP/Charles Dharapak)

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