April 10, 2009

Omnipresent Obama

He's everywhere, no?
I had heard Barack Obama  was the #1 person being "followed" (twitter-speak) on Twitter, despite no updates since November... (1 update since I read that - in March)

But I just noticed that he's on LinkedIn also, with 500+ connections (which probably means millions; Linkedin stops counting after 500). In fact, I'm 2 degrees away from him...connected via one of my close friends too! :) No - my friend does not know Obama. Doubt any of the millions connected really know the man personally!
In fact, I am sure Obama himself does not use Twitter or Linkedin (or Facebook - likely he has a presence there too! I remember there was a Obama fan group, which I had joined but unsubscribed recently when after recent #$#@$ changes, feeds from groups started coming in like feeds from friends! Not sure if Obama is there as a person too - not just a fan group profile; I would take a bet that he is!)
So, I wonder what is the merit of letting some White House intern proliferate the web on his behalf like this! It is obvious to me that it is something that O himself has no time for nor really has any part or control over on a day-to-day or even monthly basis! Someone in his extended team probably has an eye out on these various internet presences and it may seem hard to imagine something going awry (in terms of an unwanted embarrassing tweet or something!) ...but never can tell how what can backfire these days!

It was possibly a good election time tactic to build up his cult-following - of which yours truly can be said to be a member - but what good does it do to have something so omnipresent in our e-lives now? Perhaps he is thinking of 2012. And given that a large % of people are now online versus watching TV or reading dying newspapers (woe!), perhaps it makes sense to continue with the online presence. Also, why sacrifice a network which has already been built up? The fact that he ..er his team does not add updates to Twitter does tell me it is not the focus of the Obama team any more post-election but that does not stop people from climbing on the bandwagon and becoming the762,933rd follower! (There are 762,932 so far. I am not one of them. Maybe I'll wait till the count gets to 999,999 and if I can time it, become the 1 millionth Obama follower! :))
Btw, on the Linkedin profile, the "Viewers of this profile also viewed" list is also interesting -- Kevin Bacon (how appropriate for Linkedin, given the original 6degrees of separation 'game'), Sarah Palin (the wolf-hunting gun-toting freak that will be back in our faces in 2011), Rudy Guiliani (I think it is safe to say his political career is done and over now, no?), and Ron Paul (he'll keep running but never make it; despite some good ideas), and Bill Gates. 
Hmm...gotta go. Gotta make some connections! (Actually, the real world beckons. It's sunny and I better step out and get some fresh air)

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