April 3, 2009

Royalty and the Obamas

Michelle Obama, wife of U.S. President Barack Obama, left, walks ...First, Mrs Obama touches the queen  (picture © AP) and some people wring their hands wondering if the O's again broke protocol. (First, Mr. O goes on a talk-show (Leno), now Mrs O. touches the queen. What next? :))

Silvio Berlusconi: Queen is not amused by Berlusconi gaffe Then, the Queen gets "mildly irritated" at Italian PM Berlusconi screaming Mr O's name out-of-context during a group photo (picture Reuters)

Meanwhile, some worry if the Queen infringed copyright laws in accepting an iPod loaded with songs from Barack Obama!!

Quite a week this has been for news hounds following the Obamas in England this week; not to forget the fashionistas following Ms O in England (but that's already been blogged about by me here.)

P.S. Seems the author of that tale about wizards just might trump the magical spell that the Obamas seem to have cast in England this week :)
At the end of a dinner thrown by Sarah Brown for the spouses of G-20 leaders, president Obama headed straight for Harry Potter author JK Rowling like some star-struck fan and told her how he'd read her books and read them to his daughters. However, Obama is apparently less of a fanboy than shameless Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who asked for Rowling's autograph.
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Is Michelle the New Oprah? - The G-20 trip has kicked Mighty Michelle up to a whole new level.

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