July 9, 2008

Tata Power

What next after the solar bra that leaves you with a "warm evergreen feeling", you ask? (Ok.. you didn't ask... but you do want to know, no? :))

Adrienne So thinks that the solar bra is no good to charge her Ipod in foggy San Fransisco; plus not everyone wants to walk around in their underwear. So, she has an idea for a bra that could harness the untapped power of breast motion. :)

The article has some choice sentences that I had fun reading! ;)

Breasts move on three different axes: from side to side, front to back, and up and down. The most motion is generated on the vertical axis. So the bigger the breast, the more momentum it generates.

One more plus for bigger breasts then! More power to them! ;)

It turns out that the physics of breast motion has been studied closely for the last two decades by a gamut of researchers – most of them women.

Nah-huh!!! They've been studied closely by men too -- just that they're not thinking with their brains when they were er... ogling away! :)

I ask (Professor) Wang if this bra would be machine-washable. "You don't need to wash a bra," he says.

He obviously never wore a bra. :) Actually, he's not too far off. The article does highlight at the boom new research using nanoparticles and chemicals to repel water, oil and bacteria that will make self-cleaning underwear a reality.)

And last but not least, this excerpt that ends the article:

Maybe it's not very sexy to see breasts as a pair of batteries, but oil prices are so high that people are jogging to work. It may be time for breasts to start pulling their own weight.

Men have been portraying it as a pair of all-kinds-of-things for eons... so, what harm in thinking of them as a pair of batteries! ;)

Also read my previous post on the power of bouncing boobies!

Disclaimer: The title is just a fun pun. The Tatas are NOT getting into this business; though they do have a Tata Power group.

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