July 8, 2008

Random Links - 20

Robots climbing walls, based on electrostatic principles

On the right at the above link from BBC, the most popular articles list had this:

India beggar amasses coin fortune

When 60-year-old Laxmi Das recently deposited her earnings in an Indian bank in Calcutta, it was a bit more than the usual mundane money transfer. Ms Das handed over 91kg (200lb) of coins - the produce of 44 years of hard begging - enabling her to open an account and qualify for a credit card. Officials say she could have saved as much as 30,000 rupees ($692). In all, she collected four buckets-full of coins - of all denominations - some even minted as far back as 1961 and now clearly out of date.
"She would spend frugally from her daily collection and save the coins. She was very possessive about them," says her sister Asha. Ms Das saved the coins in iron buckets covered with jute bags at her home in a shanty town near the crossing.
It's the age of riches indeed -- from budding entrepreneurs to beggars, everyone's amassing fortunes! :)

Age of Riches
Dr. Michael H. Stone said he and his colleagues had seen a shift from patients who inherited their money to those who made their own fortunes.

Quite appropriate - he is so full of s***! ;)

A citizens group in San Francisco wants to pay an ironic tribute to President George W Bush when he leaves office - by naming a sewage plant after him.


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