July 17, 2008

Real estate boom in the US

Yes.. you read it right. Even as US homebuilder sentiment falls to a record low and the government bails out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae from a 5 Trillion dollar mess, it seems the "demand for sites for solar power projects (like this one, this one and this one) has ignited a land grab --- from California to Arizona."

Read more in this article in the July issue of Fortune Magazine

Elsewhere, a solar company many have followed quite a bit last year (mostly with reference to their stock; today: 288.60
+11.60 (4.19%); had hit a high $317 on May 14.) is in the news again:
First Solar jumps into the utility business
When it comes to solar companies, First Solar is the Google of renewable energy.
And so, solar continues to be big, despite Bush's ridiculous energy policy and the US Senate's inaction on extending subsidies for renewable energy; Cypress, IBM, HP, GE, Applied Materials ...they're all playing, in addition to all the start-ups and solar industry leaders who have been enjoying the ride the last few years.

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