July 15, 2008

Ever green drop counts

I've broached the topic of avoiding excesses, conservatism (in the context of energy usage), and lifestyle changes only in passing in a few of my posts but have not taken the time to write a comprehensive post with all my thoughts. I am glad someone else did. :)

Shaping normative behaviors is key to climate strategies

The author is Marguerite Manteau-Rao, who in her own words is 'a bi-cultural product from France and the US' and blogs about behavioral solutions to global warming. I just found her blog via the Green Professionals Twitter Blog.

It is a nicely written post ...go read it at the original instead of me quoting bits and pieces here. Ok.. I'll excerpt one paragraph:

Every green drop counts. What I write here in this blog. What you write, either in your own blog, or as a commenter on others’ blogs. What you say in casual conversations to your friends and coworkers. What you ask from your elected representative. What you communicate through your example, as in here and here. What the “we” and the “Together” people do. What Barack Obama, and other leaders declare is important. What the New York Times, and the rest of the press put on their front page. What Arianna Huffington chooses to promote. It all matters.

Aah.. so my cynicism earlier today was perhaps misplaced. One does hope it is not all hype and a passing fad - one massive overdose of green-washing on multiple fronts. One does hope that a real tipping point is near.


Marguerite Manteau-Rao said...

I am indeed honored, and thanks for passing on the plea!

Here is my plea for today:


Sanjeev said...

Before one surrenders, one has to accept there is a problem. Perhaps many are not even at that point yet.

They joke about it (about being the world's biggest polluter) and go about their daily jobs, as if nothing is wrong.

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