July 3, 2008

Hope and Reality

After reading the article by Garrison Keillor (blogged here), I had to wander down to the Praire Home Companion (from 12 listens to over 4 million) website. I like the show but rarely catch it on the radio.

Anyways, while perusing through the
Post to the Host section, I arrived at this nugget, where in answering a question about this neat Honda commercial, Keillor writes:
Engineers are deeply into reality.
I'm obviously not meant to be an engineer. Reality is over-rated. :)

Also, loved this:
As for tomatoes, the serious disciplined tomato grower always used to begin with seed in a tray of little starter cartons on a windowsill or in a sunny corner — why pay someone else to do what you can do better yourself? — but, like everything else, this has changed. People are busy. Back in the day, if you told my father, "I was just too busy to start my tomato seeds this year so I bought plants at the store," he would think you had your priorities wrong, or that your life was crazy — possibly you were carrying on a life of crime on the side, or maybe you had come down with a nasty illness — but nowadays "I was too busy" is widely accepted as an excuse for almost anything.
Incidentally, my wife's started a tomato plant from seeds this year. It moved quietly from cartons on a windowsill to the patio deck outside in a larger pot some weeks back. But a violent hail-storm yesterday seems to have laid the plant low. I ran out in the storm to put the car inside the garage, lest it get dinged. Rushing back into the house, I saw the plant flailing and bereft - keeled over. But I was too lazy to venture back out into the storm and thought either it's already come to a brutal end or it will survive anyways but I'm not going out again and getting drenched.

Let's hope it survives.

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