July 14, 2008

Looking in the right places

In Pictures: America's Best Places For Alternative Energy
Barring a major technology breakthrough, every category of renewable energy will need to grow as rapidly as possible to put a serious dent in the twin challenges of clean energy and climate change. Perhaps the most crucial factor in developing this potential is one familiar to oil companies drilling for new reserves: looking in the right places. Here's a guide.

The maps (created by 3Tier Group, a Seattle-based energy-efficiency company, and the U.S. Department of Energy) illustrate the renewable resources--solar, wind, geothermal and biomass--available in each state. The shaded areas reflect a spectrum of different resource concentrations ranging from large to small. The maps do not show the technical, commercial or political challenges of harnessing those resources.

Read the full story at Forbes magazine.

Hat tip to the Green Professionals Twitter group for this link.

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