Germans and Polish at war

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No... its not 1938 again. I'm just being frivolous. But this is precious!!

German nudists have been told to cover up on a beach after the removal of border fences with Poland. The Polish think the sight of naked Germans on the nearby beach is offensive and that "undressing is a perversion". In turn, the nude Germans think being gawked at by clothed Polish voyeurs with binoculars is a perversion.

Hmm.. all depends on which side (of the border) you are, huh! :)

Just landed at this news snippet after feeling the urge to go read some Ananova Quirkies, something I had not done in months, after my previous oddball quirky post.

Enough frivolousness for the day. Back to worrying about the world (environmental woes) or escaping into the tunnel of literature or music. :)