December 28, 2007

Play it again, Matt

With the demise of Oscar Peterson last weekend and Dave Brubeck & Herbie Hancock not getting any younger, it is with great joy that I read this NPR piece about the pianist prodigy Matt Savage
...barely a teenager, yet he's already played with Dave Brubeck, Chick Corea, Clark Terry and Jimmy Heath. It's an unlikely start for a young man who, as a young child, was unable to tolerate noise, much less appreciate music.


At 15, Savage is promoting and performing following the release of his sixth studio album, Hot Ticket. His list of accomplishments includes being the youngest person to be signed as a Bosendorfer piano artist and the youngest performer to have played at New York's legendary jazz club, Blue Note. Savage has also won three consecutive ASCAP "Young Jazz Composer" awards.
You can also listen to an interview with the kid on NPR's All Things Considered in 2002. And below are five youtube videos of him playing the piano.

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