December 19, 2007

Human rights and dignity

I had read about this news snippet from Saudi Arabia in outrage some weeks back but had not blogged about it. Today, I just read about the final (?) outcome of that sad saga! What an unseemly sham! Sadly, the guy probably believes it when he says:

"It is a victory for justice... and for the defence of human rights and an affirmation of female dignity."

Incidents like these and honor-killings while sad in and by itself also have a very negative impact in creating impressions around the world. In the US, I bet right-wing radio hosts and Fox News must be having a field day with this! All these stories make it easier for the Fauxers to demonify Islam - not that they need an excuse to do it!)


When you have treated people worse than dogs... whats the big deal here!

Guards Shoot Dog at Baghdad Bureau

The State Department is looking into an incident in which one of its security contractors killed a dog at The New York Times’s offices in Baghdad during a precautionary sweep of the compound for explosives.

But let me leave you with some PRETTY COOL STUFF!

Altered google-earth images to show scenes from history.... like real old 'history'.....Crucification, Parting of the Red Sea by Moses, Adam & Eve covorting in Eden, and Noah's Ark stranded on a dry spit of land amidst Flood waters!!

Brilliant creative stuff. Look for this stuff to be all over the web soon i.e. you will see it on many websites and through emails from all and sundry. But remember you saw it first through me :) (And I saw it first at...but of India Uncut. :))

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