December 18, 2007

Dickheads of the Year

The subject line says it all. Rolling Stone magazine lists them for us, in case we needed a reminder. (Link via IU)

So, which d-head do you want to elect next time* around? :)

* I am following the build-up to the 2008 US Presidential elections like an innocent bystander. I am a bystander alright..since I cannot vote in the US but I cannot help avoid peeking in from time to time at this dog-and-pony show without developing a real appreciation of the stance of different candidates on various subjects that affect American life. So here then is an interesting exercise to help you
select a candidate whose positions most match your points of view.

Please answer the following questions (at the above link.) If no answer is acceptable to you, leave it unanswered. You may also indicate issues that are important or not important to you. These choices will affect your match.

This survey is not designed to tell you what candidate you should vote for. It is intended only to help you think about your positions and then introduce you to the candidates. We have an extensive collection of information about each candidate, and their positions are much more detailed than what appears on this survey.

I answered the questions in a kind of hurry over the weekend and so may have lost nuances in answering some of the questions (or rather missed the nuances of the answer choices) and this may have affected the order below, I figure but overall, the top 5 and the bottom 5 probably do not change.

1. chris dodd.....28
2. hillary clinton....24
3. john edwards...22
4. dennis kucinich ...22
5. barack obama ...21

and bottom 5 were
Mitt Romney ....5
Duncan Hunter ...who?!! .....3
John Mccain........3
Tom Tancredo (WHO!!).........3
Fred Thompson...........3 first choice...Dodd...YOU GO SIR! (Watch Chris Dodd defend the political blog, The Daily Kos as Fox's O'Reilly starts criticizing it as a site full of hate-mongering...based on one picture! And that brings us full circle back to the topic of dickheads! :)

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