August 28, 2008

Uncertainty and Ambiguity

Amit Varma writes:

...I can embrace ambiguity, and follow threads. More and more, I feel myself drawn towards the latter—it makes me more certain of myself, if that makes sense.

I kinda understand and identify with that feeling. For the most part ambiguity is unsettling and discomforting to most but there is also a certain level of comfort in ambiguity. I myself never voice any strong opinions (just not my temperament) and its not all for the good since I am sure I suffer from it too at times. However, when people make broad conclusions and voice strong opinions, they often comes across as know-it-all's, which is rather off-putting. My aversion to religious wingnuts likely stems from the same discomfort with certainty. By its very nature, the unconditional nature of religious belief demands that certainty...but I would rather see shades of gray than black-and-white absoluteness. I mentioned to someone earlier this week that I am kinda tired of books like Freakanomics too that pose as if they have all the answers to understanding society and human interactions. That aversion is likely another manifestation of the same discomfort with certainty.

P.S. the above, I saw the 2nd word "kinda" and took it out. Then thought... no... it should stay. It says I am not 100% sure I understand and identify with Amit's feeling. Let that uncertainty remain. :) Kinda hate books like Freakanomics too. Am not completely shying away from reading such books again but I read them with a pinch of salt; like one should read everything, I suppose. :)

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