August 1, 2008

A softer world

A softer world - a great effort by Emily Horne and Joey Comeau. She takes the pictures, he writes the words.

I have seen this website before but never blogged about it. It's wonderful and creative. There is no point gleaning a few good ones out and reproducing here. Just go enjoy their wicked, sarcastic, poignant, cynical, warped look at life.

P.S. After a recent reduction in force at work, I am looking for a job. It is a frustrating thing to do. I take my mind off it (maybe too much) by blogging and reading. Hope I never reach this stage.

Looking for work is an exercise in selling yourself. You write cover letter after cover letter, listing the parts of you that you respect the least, listing the selling points that make you valuable in a buyer's market. You leave out the little details that you tell yourself in the morning to make things okay. You don't mention the way your heart flutters when you meet your lover's eyes across the table, the way your feet felt like lead at your aunt's funeral. You write cover letter after cover letter, listing the same store bought traits in the same wording, day after day, hoping to find another job.

And then maybe one day you just snap a little. You sit down to write a cover letter, and something entirely new comes out.

And you send it anyway.

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