August 1, 2008

Total Solar Eclipse

Video of today's "Olympics eclipse" - a total solar eclipse from remote Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwestern China near the Mongolian border. 10,000 people traveled for 16+ hours by bus to go see this!

Unfortunately, it is a 1 hour video from the San Francisco Exploratorium. If u do not have time, scroll ahead in the video to where 27 minutes are left and watch for the next 10-12 minutes at least. AMAZING! If interested, you can also read their dispatches.

Highlights of the video, where I found the link to the SFE video, are at this Wired blog post, which is posted by someone who saw their "first total solar eclipse in 2001 in Zambia, Africa and has never been the same since."

It's an amazing world, indeed!

P.S. If you are interesting in seeing the next one live, start planning. Another Wired blog post has a
"handy How-To guide to eclipse chasing. The next two are slated for July 22, 2009 and July 11, 2010. The first will be visible in parts of India and China before heading into the Pacific, while the second will primarily be visible from South Pacific islands. For a full list of future dates, check out NASA's page of eclipse dates."
This 2nd wired post also has a link to some amazing flickr albums, which link to not only some great eclipse pictures but also have some great pictures of NW China.

Also more links to eclipse images from around the world via the Huffington Post.

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