August 6, 2008

Issues. It’s all about issues.

Paris Hilton responds :) (See my earlier post for a link to the original McCain ad that mocked Obama's popularity, comparing him to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton)

Paris Hilton has released an internet video lampooning John McCain’s recent campaign ad, which used images of Hilton and Britney Spears to suggest that Barack Obama is a mere celebrity who is unfit to lead. Hilton says she's running for president, and is "totally ready to lead."

Did not think I would ever be praising something Paris Hilton did but this is actually funny! Actually, it is praise for whoever wrote her script and hit all the right spots - lampooning McCain but also making fun of Paris herself. Nicely done!

And the media is lapping it up!

It’s fun, it’s effective. It’s also possible McCain may never see it. He’s admitted that internet thing is still a bit of a mystery to him.

This kind of puerile humor is what the campaign has been brought down to by McCain and co. The Daily Show campaign clips won't look too satirical now onwards -- the real one is equally farcical. Who cares about actual issues when you could be watch entertaining Daily Show kinda humor like this being played out!

Like Gail Collins writes in her NYT op-ed piece:

This is energy week on the campaign trail. In honor of the critical nature of the debate, let’s try to clear our heads of all thoughts of Paris Hilton ads, and questions of whether McCain knew, when he expressed a yen to see his wife compete in the bikers’ Miss Buffalo Chip beauty contest, that the contestants frequently went topless.

Issues. It’s all about issues.

So, for the record, Obama's energy policy makes more sense. McCain's energy policy is pretty much Bush's. Like a lot of other things! :)

Where the hell is Britney Spears? What happened to Paris Hilton? - Times Online

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