August 11, 2008

Spitz better swallow that pride!

Mark Spitz has got some attitude! Agree that his is a great achievement and he has a record that has stood for over 3 decades...(in fact, I just realized in addition to winning 7 golds in Munich, he broke the world records too in all 7 events!).... but I do not know why he feels entitled to being flown to Beijing just because he's the record holder. I'd understand him taking offense if it were a meeting for past Olympic record holders that he was not invited to...but whats his beef now!! And it does not look like he cannot afford to go -- he just does not want to go watch this "anonymously".... wants someone to pay for the trip and/or make a big hoopla and invite him to the games!

Spitz, once the star, upset over Beijing snub

"I never got invited. You don't go to the Olympics just to say, I am going to go. Especially because of who I am," Spitz told AFP in Hong Kong. "I am going to sit there and watch Michael Phelps break my record anonymously? That's almost demeaning to me. It is not almost -- it is."

Spitz said the International Olympic Committee, a US television network or FINA -- the international body that governs world swimming -- should have brought him to the Games this year, with Phelps making a go at his record.

And this is rich! He's so full of himself that he thinks Phelps will make it because ...well, Phelps is like Spitz! ;)

And Spitz thinks Phelps will succeed -- for one very good reason."He's almost identical to me. He's a world-record holder in all these events, so he is dominating the events just like I did," Spitz said. "He reminds me of myself."

Not sure he realizes how narcissistic and silly he's coming across as through his comments!

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