August 12, 2008

The Chinese pull a Milli-Vanilli

Looks like there's all kinds of people nit-picking at the details of the Olympic Ceremony! Now there is talk about a "Olympic Ceremony fake-out."

How the Chinese pulled a Milli-Vanilli during the Opening Ceremony (Here is an alternate link tothe story, for whenever the above link from Yahoo expires.)

Two girls — one cute, one deemed less so — were part of a plan that fooled Olympic viewers.

The unquestioned star of the Opening Ceremony was a little girl who performed "Hymn to the Motherland" in front of the entire world. I remember watching her and thinking how adorable and talented she was, the "poster child for all of China." Well, it turns out that she wasn't as talented as we all thought. It was in fact, a seven year old singing to the whole world on a pre-recorded tape, not the cute, pig-tailed Lin Miaoke (left), whom we all came to know and love according to a report from The Telegraph.


And this does not take away from any of my awe after watching the opening ceremony but it seems the show featured "fake, computer-generated fireworks"!

The nation that gave the world counterfeit toys, fake toothpaste and poisoned pet food also gave 3 billion television viewers a bogus fireworks show of Olympic proportions Friday night, according to media reports Monday. The spectacular fireworks telecast to billions of viewers around the world at the end of the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics Friday night were largely faked using computer animation and the audience wasn't told, the Beijing Times newspaper revealed.

Reminds me of a comment I read last week at some blog that went something along the lines of 'the Chinese will fake everything - they'll even fake your orgasm for you!' ;)

And then there is the story of the Chinese "sex symbol" (sensationalist headline!) ...

A handsome but anonymous guardian of the Olympics torch on its troubled world tour has won legions of Chinese female fans -- and plenty of marriage proposals. only as "Second Brother on the Right" because of his customary position by the flame, the young man with boyish looks and cropped hair is an Internet sensation and nationalist hero.
Enjoy the Warhol moment, kid. Hopefully the Chinese government does not want a cut of your fame. :)

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