August 16, 2008

8 is a lucky number in China

wooooohoooooo........... 8 for 8. I do not believe in destiny but after yesterday's 7th gold with the 0.01 second win, I think he was destined to be here today!

8 days. 17 races. 8 finals. 8 golds. 7 World Records. UN_FREAKING_BELIEVABLE. Like the visa ad said: we need some new adjectives for this!

His mom must be the proudest person in the world today!!
Too many adults looked at Ms. Phelps's boy and saw what he couldn't do. This week, the world (will be) tuned to the Beijing Olympics to see what he can do.
Onto the LIGHTNING BOLT race now...finally; after some horrible programming by NBC for Saturday prime time. Was it really necessary to show the whole woman's marathon from 7.30-9.30 - couldn't you have shown the 100m finals from last night somewhere during those two hours even if the American favorite had failed to make it to the finals! So many people have gone to bed by now! RIDICULOUS!!

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